Thomas F. Brennan

Thomas F. Brennan
December 14, 1938 – July 20, 2009

In Memory of Thomas F. Brennan

Stamfordville, N.Y. is a small town in a rural community. Everyone knew Tom Brennan. He was the telephone guy coming up the road in his aging telephone company van. It was laden down with all his tools, wire and the stuff he needed to give us communications. A canvas tool bag hung off the back and his trusty ladder overlapped on the top. Tom was the last of the pole climbers. Eventually the company gave him a bucket truck like the rest of the guys.

He was a great husband, brother, father, grandfather and friend. If we could see the world the way that Tom did we'd all be laughing more. He was comical with a great sense of humor and I know his many buddies are joyously receiving him in heaven – thus the exclamation mark on his quilt square rather than a question mark.

We miss you, Tommy.

Submitted by: Marilyn W. MacDonald, beloved companion