Anne N. Bates

Michael J. Formichelli, Jr.
September 16, 1967 – November 3, 2006

Michael was thirty nine years of age when he died as a result of a brain and skull injuries caused by multiple blows to the back of his head.  He was our only child and we adopted him as a newborn at the age of 3 day old.  Michael served as a paratrooper with the U.S. Army 82nd Airborne Division, and was a construction laborer with the Construction and General Laborers Local #190 of Albany at the time of his death.  His friends describe him as someone who was always ready to help enrich other people’s lives, along with his corneas.

The impact of his loss was so great, as parents I don’t think we will ever recover.  From the minute he was born, he was a gift from God…put into our lives for many different reasons.  He was tall, very handsome, hardworking and full of hidden compassion.
Do not judge him for what he did in life –
But be proud of the choices he made should his life end –
His body could not be saved –
But by the choices he made, his soul will live on forever
In the lives of others.

We love you Michael…now..always..and forever.


Submitted by: Jane S. Formichelli, mother