Anne N. Bates

Rebecca Susan Dandrow Murphy
October 6, 1967 – March 30, 2005

Our daughter Rebecca Susan was born on 6 October 1967.  She never had blue eyes.  Her eyes were brown from birth.  By the time she was a few months old, she looked like all eyes, all dark brown eyes.  Her eyes were so dark we called her “our black-eyed Susan”.

Rebecca was killed in an automobile accident on 30 March 2005.  What a horrible shock to her husband and to her whole family!  We were all so sorry her organs could not be donated.  When we found out that her corneas could be removed and used so another person could see, we were so pleased.  It gave us a small ray of positive results at a very dark time in our lives.

This quilt square is a small representation of our girl-our black eyed Susan.  The fabric in the center is from a jumper I made her as a baby.  I also used the fabric when I made her father and her husband each a quilt for the Green Bay Packers.  I used the faux leather for the footballs on the quilts.  The fabric seems to connect Rebecca’s too short life.

Submitted by Tonia Dandrow, mother